Private Boat Charters

Private Boat Charters

FISHING TRIPS  (Monday – Sunday)                                                               

Half Day   7am – 12.30pm
Full Day    7am - 4.00pm 

CHARTERS (Monday –Sunday) * please note that Cousin & Sister island are closed on Saturday & Sunday

Half Day   9am – 1pm
Full Day    9am - 4.00pm 

NOTE: All our prices for charter and fishing are per boat and does not includes any landing fees if you wish to stop and disembark at an island.

Type of fishing: Big game fishing/trolling/deep sea/drop off
Half day Fishing/charter: mineral water/soft drinks only included
Full day Fishing/charter: lunch/drinks included (BBQ on the beach)
DROP OFF:  Fishing just off the continental shelf (Lunch on board)